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由于疫情影响,很多学生今年夏天将不会报名参加各类夏令营,而选择留在家里度过暑假。对在家工作的父母来说,这无疑会是一种负担,而学生们也会缺乏在假期中接触新知识的机会。鉴于今年这种特殊情况,中文学校首次为学生们提供了暑假网上的中文和文化课程,开展为期五周的网上夏令营。同时,我们会将夏令营的所有盈利捐赠给学区或者Frontline Worker的基金,为控制疫情做贡献!




Dear parents,

This Sunday (‪June 14‬) is the last day of the our ‪2019-2020‬ school year. It was originally scheduled for graduation ceremony, but due to the epidemic, this year’s graduation ceremony cannot be carried out. We will therefore have regular classes on the last day and each class would arrange activities by themselves. Before the class, the teachers will send the link of the Zoom class to the parents via email and WeChat.

2020 is destined to be an unforgettable year for all of us. During the year, we experienced panic, confusion, and overwhelming, but also gradually became calm, brave and courageous. Whether it is insisting on taking classes at the beginning of the epidemic, or switching to online classes when the epidemic began to spread, our teachers, administration team and parents have all strongly shown their openness, rationality, tolerance and tenacity. We have proved that even if we are trapped at home, we can successfully complete our studies. With persistence and hard work, we can overcome the adversity in front of us.

As Principal, please allow me to express my most sincere gratitude to the school's teachers, administrators and class parents. Your hard work has made our school continue to grow and overcome difficulties. In the past year, we have more than 300 students, added Kungfu, Go, Java programming and other courses, and achieved good results in the recitation competition of the Huaxia schools. Secondly, congratulations to our students for making great progress in the study of Chinese in the past year. Chinese and English are two very different characters, so Chinese is more foreign to you and more difficult to learn than other foreign languages. That said, as long as you persist, I believe that our students will be able to do well in Chinese literature. I hope you will appear in the Chinese class next year.

Due to the impact of the pandemic, many students will not register for various summer camps this summer, and choose to stay at home to spend the summer vacation. For parents working at home, this will undoubtedly be a burden, and students will also lack the opportunity to get new knowledge during the holidays. In view of this special situation this year, our school provided students with online Chinese and cultural courses on the summer for the first time, and launched a five-week online summer camp program. At the same time, we will donate all the profits of the summer camp to the school district or Frontline Worker's fund to contribute to the control of this epidemic!

Have a great summer!

Millburn Institute of Talent

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