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大家好! 本周日1118号上午9点中文学校正常上课。由于高中的校友会需要使用餐厅,原定在餐厅上的课将移至学校新体育馆。






《第三届秋之韵中华文化竞赛》的第二部分是朗诵/ 演讲比赛,旨在为孩子们提供一个加强口语的机会。班级内部比赛将于本周日122日举行,每班按照人数多少推举出2-4名获胜者参加129日的校级比赛。其中一到三年级的校级比赛的优胜者将代表学校参加2019112日在李文斯顿中文学校举办的华夏总校演讲比赛。学前小班、CSL、双双一至六级的学生将参加朗诵比赛;双双七至九级和AP班的学生将参加演讲比赛。本周日课上各班老师将布置朗诵演讲比赛的内容。具体通知和评分表已经通过邮件和微信发给大家。请据此进行参赛的准备。学校鼓励所有学生参加比赛,并为所有参赛者准备了小奖品。


去年一样,我们今年要求每个家庭完成一次学校的义务工作。义工的签名表如下,请大家在表上填上合适的日期。由于上周学校放假,原定上周值班的人请顺延到本周。本周值班人员是:Rong Chen, Dongqi Elder, Tiffany Chen,  Zhao Zhou Stella Xiong。在值班期间请到学校办公室内签名,以作为退款凭证。






Dear parents,


Our school will open as usual at 9am on Nov 18th, 2017. Since the high school needs the cafeteria for alumni reunion this weekend, we will use the new gym instead. Please come to the new gym for your class if your classes are originally located in cafeteria.


The handwriting and writing portion of the annual Charm of Autumn Chinese Cultural Contest is coming to the voting stage this Sunday. Most kids have completed their works for the contest. Those who have not submitted their works may still do it before 9:30am this Sunday. Parents’ voting will take place in the new gym around 9:30am. Voting will last until 11:30am.


Every parent will be provided with a voting chart to record his/her top three choices from each class. We highly recommend that you participate in voting. It’ll be fun to see the writing-as-in-drawing style from the youngest kids, the more mature calligraphy from the older ones, and the Chinese essay writing from the most experienced students in our school. It’s also thought-provoking to read between the lines and understand the values and perspectives of our cross-culture kids. We value and appreciate your input in the process.


Millburn Institute of Talent will be hosting the oral part of the 2017 Charm of Autumn Chinese Cultural Contest on December 2nd (within each class) and December 9th (school level). Students in Preschool, CSL, and Shuang Shuang Chinese Level 1-6 will each recite or read out a piece of writing based on the topics assigned in each class. Students from Shang Shuang Chinese Level 7-9 and AP class will compete for speech-making. Two to four winners from each class (depending on the size of the class) will represent their respective class at the school level. Winners from Shuang Chinese Level 1-3 will represent Millburn Institute of Talent at the 1/12/2018 speech contest hosted by Huaxia Chinese School, of which MIOT is a member school. This coming Sunday (11/18) each teacher will make assignment for the oral contest. Detailed notice and voting chart have been distributed to all families. Please help your kids prepare for their contest accordingly. We would like to see every student participate in the contest and we have prepared prize for all participants.


As what we have done last year, each family of our school is required to fulfill parent duty for one time during the school year. The sign-up sheet is available online now.  Please sign up through the link below. Since it was a school holiday last Sunday, people who have signed up for last week should come to do the parent duty this week. They are Rong Chen, Dongqi Elder, Tiffany Chen,  Zhao Zhou and Stella Xiong. Please come to the cafeteria to sign your names when you do your parent duty. We will issue refund checks based on your signatures.


Have a great weekend!


Millburn Institute of Talent


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