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大家好! 本周日324日上午9点中文学校将正常上课,高中的体育馆可以使用,请在体育馆上课的学生到正常地点上课。




本学年已经值过班的家长请到办公室领取值班支票。和去年一样,我们今年要求每个家庭完成一次学校的义务工作,义工的签名表如下。本周值班人员是Hao Sun, Bibo Lai, Qiang Liu, Min LiuVivian Sun。在值班期间请到学校办公室内签名,以作为退款凭证。






Dear parents,


Our school will open as usual at 9am on Mar 24th. The high school gym will be available this Sunday. For all courses in the gym, please come back to your regular location for your classes this week.


In order to better serve our students, we would like to ask you to finish a teacher evaluation survey for our Chinese classes. We have not received many responses since last week. Please feel free to give us your comments and suggestions, and use the link below to do the survey.


The checks for parents who has fulfilled their parent duty are available for pickup now. As what we have done last year, each family of our school is required to fulfill parent duty for one time during the school year. The sign-up sheet is available online now.  Please sign up through the link below. Parents for this week are Madeleine Li, Gary Xia, Handong Chen, Yonghai Chen, and Xing Dai. Please come to the cafeteria to sign your names when you do your parent duty. We will issue refund checks based on your signatures.


Have a great weekend!


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