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大家好! 本周日4月1日上午9点中文学校正常上课。本周高中大体育馆可以正常使用,请在体育馆上课的学生在正常地点上课。鉴于从4月8号开始的一周是密尔本学区的春假,中文学校4月8日和4月15日将不开课,请家长们自行安排活动。




这周值班家长是Rong Chen, Jing Zou, Liyun Xu, Weiwei Zhang和Xiaoyun Zang. 请值班家长在8:45am 到达学校。下面的链接上有详细的岗位和职责的说明。!/showSignUp/10c084baba62da1fd0-millburn1



Dear parents,

Our school will open as usual at 9am on April 1st, 2018. The large gym at Millburn High School will be available this week. Please go back to your original places for classes this Sunday. As the week of April 8th is the spring break for Millburn schools, we will have no classes on both April 8th and April 15th.

The Chinese School 2018 Election Committee has just announced the scheduled election for two board members of our school. The detailed information for election procedure and timeline has been sent. Please take some time reading the announcement. We hope that everyone will be able to participate in this event.

Coach Xiao from International Badminton Club will hold a free Badminton trial class for our students between 9am and 9:45am this Sunday at the gym. If you are interested in Badminton, please come and enjoy the free class.

For parents who have already fulfilled their parent duty during Sept to Dec last year, the $50 dollar refund check is available now. Please come to our office this Sunday to pick up your check. The refunds for missing tennis class are also available now. Moreover, please come to pick up your paintings if you submitted them for exhibition before our spring festival. Thanks for your participation of this event.

For this week, people for Parent Duty are Rong Chen, Jing Zou, Liyun Xu, Weiwei Zhang, and Xiaoyun Zang. Please come to the high school at 8:45am in the morning and check the link below for detailed duty and responsibility during the day.!/showSignUp/10c084baba62da1fd0-millburn1

Have a great weekend!

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