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大家好! 本周日1014日上午9点中文学校正常上课。由于高中本周日将于11点后在餐厅举行校友会相关的活动,所有在餐厅的课(太极,瑜伽等课)将再次移至高中的新体育场进行,请大家注意上课场所的变化。






我们现在还有一些去年剩下的值班退款支票,请没有领支票的家长来餐厅领取。和去年一样,我们今年也要求每个家庭要完成一次学校的义务工作。义工的签名表如下,请大家在表上填上合适的日期。本周值班人员是:Xianzhi Zhou, Melody Zhu, Wei Xu, Dawei Zhu。在值班期间请到学校办公室内签名,以作为退款凭证。





Dear parents,


Our school will open as usual at 9am on Oct 14th, 2018. As Millburn High School will need the cafeteria for an alumni meeting on Sunday, we will not be able to use it after 11am. All classes in Cafeteria (Taichi, Pirates, and Yoga) will be moved to the new gym of  high school. Please be aware of the classroom change for this Sunday.


We will start to refund any overpaid tuitions from this week. We will inform you through email when the refund checks are ready for pickup. Moreover, we have some Xinhua Dictionaries for sales at school this week. It is available for $10 at our desk if you would like to buy one.


Due to the request of High School, no food is allowed anywhere except in the cafeteria. We have to strictly follow this rule during our school time. Moreover, please do not park your cars on the street in the front of High School. The policy may issue tickets for violators.


We still have some checks for parent duty from last year. If you have not picked up your refund check last year, please come to our office on Sunday. As what we have done last year, each family of our school is required to fulfill parent duty for one time during the school year. The sign-up sheet is available online now.  Please sign up through the link below. For this Sunday, people who will do the parent duty are Xianzhi Zhou, Melody Zhu, Wei Xu, and Dawei Zhu. Please come to the cafeteria to sign your names when you do your parent duty. We will issue refund checks based on your signatures.


Have a great weekend!


Millburn Institute of Talent


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