Dear parents,

The 2022-2023 school year of Millburn Institute of Talent (MIOT) will start at 9 am Sunday, 9/11. This year's registration has been filled up quickly. If you can't find the course selection during the registration, it means that the course has reached the student limit and is closed. Thank you for understanding the school's intention to maintain the quality of teaching. In addition, many other courses are also close to the limit. So please complete your registration as early as possible while they are still available.

In the coming school year, we gladly offer all parents of CSL students a FREE Adult Chinese course. It is a great chance to learn and practice the same language with your lovely kids. So please register your class spot ASAP! Furthermore, we offer a FREE trial on the first two weekends, 9/11 and 9/18, for all extracurricular courses - arts, sports, enrichment, and adult classes. We welcome all interested students and parents to enjoy and explore our various courses.

If your family has completed registration, please remember to pay off the outstanding balance by 9/9 before the registration fee increases to $50. During the 9/11 school day, the Chinese class teachers will only distribute textbooks to those who have fully completed the payment process.

For Covid protection, please follow the Millburn School Covid Guideline ( In addition, the students need to wear a mask in the classroom if they have any related symptoms. If confirmed positive, please quarantine at home for five days.

We require every family to complete a voluntary school duty this year. After completing the task, we will refund the $50 parent duty fee. Please sign up for the parent duty schedule form on your family profile page. (**You can find a link" Parent Duty Signup is available" under the family member table.)

Please note that the school is located at Millburn High School. The address is "462 Millburn Ave, Millburn, NJ 07041". The MHS school's parking lot is available for use. We have a dedicated person to direct traffic outside of the building.


Millburn Institute of Talent



密尔本华夏中文学校(MIOT) 2022-2023 学年将于9月11号星期日上午9点正式开始。今年的报名踊跃,如果您在选课清单上看不见课程选项, 那表示班级已经到达学生上限关闭,谢谢大家的支持与理解学校维持教学质量的用心,另外许多课程也接近上限,想报名的家庭请抓紧时间。

完成课程注册的家庭,请在9/9前完成付费,超过时间,注册费将会上调到$50。学校 9/11 开学当天将会根据缴费状况,发书给已经完全付费的学生家庭。

关于防疫, MIOT将跟随Millburn School Covid Guideline (,学生如有任何感冒症状,来上课时请全程佩戴口罩。请确诊阳性学生家长通知各班级老师; 确诊学生需在家隔离5天,6~10天戴口罩回校上课。

和往年一样,我们要求每个家庭完成一次学校的义务工作,注册课程后,可以在账户 family profile 里找到值班签名表 (* 在 Family Members 下方, 点击链接 “Parent Duty Signup is avaiable”) 请大家注册自己适合的值班日期。义工工作完成后,我们将返还$50的值班支票。

欢迎新加入中文学校的的家庭! 请注意MIOT上课地点在密尔本高中内,地址如下。
462 Millburn Ave, Millburn, NJ 07041